For half a decade, DG Global has maintained an enduring partnership with the Housing Industry Association. Our journey together, a testament to unwavering commitment and shared success.

The Outcome

At DG Global, we seize the reins of ingenuity, fashioning award nights that set Housing Industry Australia aglow. Our orchestration spans the spectrum. We refine budgets with finesse, weave enchantment into venues, give innovation in programs, and conjure narratives that dance through content creation. The tapestry of our mastery extends: marketing campaigns that whisper anticipation, signage that guides with elegance, culinary harmonies woven through food and beverage artistry, and a symphony of seamless AV execution.

Witness the brilliance at the HIA Stratco Apprentice Awards, the geographic tributes at the HIA CSR WA Regional Housing Awards, the urban pulse at the Perth Housing Awards, and the pinnacle of opulence at the Kitchen and Bathroom Awards. Each event, a testament to our craft.

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