The Brief

Produce two prestigious awards ceremonies, two months apart by utilising the same design within the two colour palettes of the event. Responsibilities included environment design, content design and creation, technical production, talent and show services. Significant challenges were established in the brief to create events that allowed on-site build periods of under 3 hours.

The Outcome

DG global interpreted the graphic design provided by the client into producing these two shows, with a detailed approach to design elements. With the need for a repeat event in different colour palettes, the set was created in white with theatrically lighting used to enhance its stage appeal and provide opportunity for a multiple looks throughout the course of the two events. The linear lines and shapes were translated into 3D motion design on screens to build a range of award categories, animated content and highlights packages including the production of audio tracks and show craft techniques to deliver a seamless execution of such a large portfolio of content. Entertainment was carefully interwoven throughout the evening to provide key feature spots to both events.


800 building industry guests from construction and housing sectors, their clients, guests and government officials attend each event.

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