As an award-winning live event and communications agency, our team exist to innovate, challenge and break the norm when it comes to live campaigns & creative projects.

We understand the power of experience and brand integration and are driven to find solutions that are impactful, insightful, engaging, immersive and entertaining.

With a collective mission to create and deliver dynamic live campaigns and creative solutions with commitment, innovation and passion, our team of big thinkers and creative problem solvers do not accept average, we aim for exceptional.

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Creators, Producers, Event Managers, Designers, Art Directors, Marketers, Media Specialists… TEAM MATES! Our team is diverse, we are experienced, we are agile, we are committed.

Whilst moving through important phases of our partnerships, including co-creation, agile project management and result delivery, our team take the time and care to truly understand your brand, your objectives and develop a start-to-end campaign that is nothing short of exceptional.

To do this we consider our clients our partners, our team your team, and your brand as much our baby as it is yours.

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Our team of uber creative specialists are not only dreamers, we are doers, and doers get results!

Every creative strategy, event concept and intricate creation is driven by our objective to deliver nothing short of exceptional results for you and your brand through the power of live experience and creative assets.

With decades of experience and an extraordinarily talented team, we are proud of the hundreds of live campaigns, event experiences and creative projects we have delivered that have had impact, integrity and exceeded the norm.

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Dave Green

Managing Director

Kath Green

Managing Director

Steve Smith

General Manager

Brad Cocks

Director of Events

Abbie McCrisken-Lee

Executive Producer

Simon Creely

Executive Producer Film

Jacqueline Larsen

Executive Producer

Darren Kerr

Singapore - Executive Producer

Hannah Crouch


Phoebe Crozier-Durham

Delegate Services & Finance Manager

Maricarmen Rubi

Creative Director